Work on the farm 4 hours a week, stick to a schedule, bring good energy, do a good job, get some veggies. It's that easy.


Not Currently Hiring, but do remember us.

Atelier Farm is looking for a well-comma'ed individual: one hard-working, hard-thinking, detail-oriented, positive-spirited, physically-enduring, weather-loving, go-getting, goal-setting, well-listening-but-good-speaking, empty-cupped, mad-scientist teammate for the growing season. As a member of our team, your physical power, youthful or once-young-but-still-youthful vibrance, perspective, and personal experience will be part of an exchange for the farmer's own perspective and ear, agricultural instruction, the very fruits of your labor, and a human experience your body was born for. Participate in collaborative, open book farming: see, learn, and do it all to run a small-scale farm. Yes, it's hard, but it's the good kind of hard.

Vegetarianos and -anas welcome, phones not so much.

Please read the Teammate Manifesto, then send your Resume, Lover Cetter, and Questions to Austin (austin [at], subject: "What Great Weather."