Squash seeds. Just add water!

Squash seeds. Just add water!

2018 Week 17, Winter CSA Pickup 11 of 13

Oh what a busy day was yesterday! I spread and 'placed' the soybean and pearl millet that will scythe or crimp into an in situ mulch for our autumn broccoli-family crops. I spread and rolled a new clover-grass mix in field 1, the first trial of a really, really cool if it works 'pasture-raised vegetable' system -- imagine a 'pasture' with a 6 inch wide strip running every 2 feet, but this pasture is a specially curated mix to deeply mine, hydraulically lift, and fungally entwine in a way that minimizes competition. I also planted 10 beds of fall and winter potatoes, with a good mix to trial for yield and flavor -- Purple Viking, Kennebec, Canela Russet, Elba, German Butterball, and Red Pontiac, leaving just Papa Cacho and Strawberry Paw to plant in another site later this week. Plus, I seeded another round of snap beans, soy beans, radishes, and turnips. All because, since daybreak, you could smell on the wind the scent of coming rain.

But we got it all in, and now this rain is perfect for the farm. In fact, it shows me how the farmer's heart is somewhere always stuck between the clouds and the land; because if all that went in yesterday hadn't, this rain would be a consternation, and not this peaceful settling.

Greenhouse work today, with more summer squash, cucumbers, and corn to seed, plus hot peppers to pot-up. Last week I thinned the basil and celery, which was such a tease to smell! A couple came by the farm a few days later, inquiring about the CSA, and asked if I grew 'Striped German' tomatoes. "Not this year," I said. Though I grew and loved it in New Hampshire, I kept it off the list, because .... But I reminisced too long with them, and so now the seed is on the shelf for next week's planting, making the 98th variety for the year. Yes, I too am quite keen for the arrival of our summer crops. :)

A final note about the farm fox, whom I saw five times last week. Because we call the feral cat who walks the fence, Saw Seuah, which is Thai for 'tiger,' we will name our new friend, Jing Jog. Smile if you see him or her.

We are on for a new round 4-week round of the Winter CSA, except this last one will go 5 weeks to the start of Summer. In deep thanks for your sticking by the farm these last 5 months, and because we are at the proverbial bottom of the barrel for some things, let's cut the price in half, and call it $65 until summer. If you happened to miss a week or two that you already paid for, do feel free to reduce that by however much you feel is fair.

Atelier Farm CSA Open House & Field Walk
I finalized the dates for the Open House & Field Walk, which is now Sundays, May 6th & 20th, 2-4pm. The farm is open to all -- current members, prospective members, neighbors, and passersby. I plan to explain the why and how of the CSA for new and potential members, and to give a tour of the farm ... while we all wear our "future goggles." If you want to see more of the story, please come! I guarantee to talk more in those two hours than I will the rest of the year. :)

My best,
See you on the farm,

PS: I harvested the littlest bit of Asparagus on my walk around the farm, but kept much back to help it root itself for the next 50 years. We have some -- and it tastes great! -- but not loads.

Dry Beans
   - Carolina Crowder
   - Kenearly Yellow Eye
   - Kebarika
   - Midnight Black Turtle
   - Quincy Pinto
Popcorn - Cherokee Long
Winter Squash
  - Long Island Cheese
  - Seminole

Sweet Potato
Radish, Winter
Turnip, Winter

Medicinal Roots
Burdock / Gobo

Culinary Herbs
Chives, Garlic / Chinese
Hot Pepper

Tea Herbs
Anise Hyssop
Basil, Italian
Chocolate Mint
Lemon Balm
Sunset Hyssop
Thai Sweet Basil / Horapa
Tulsi / Holy Basil

Fifty varieties of heirloom tomatoes find a new home. Don't worry, I know which is which.

Fifty varieties of heirloom tomatoes find a new home. Don't worry, I know which is which.

Fifteen varieties of watermelons in the first round. "Just plant a watermelon on my grave and let the juice <slurp> slip through ..."

Fifteen varieties of watermelons in the first round. "Just plant a watermelon on my grave and let the juice <slurp> slip through ..."