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Atelier is 5 acres in a broader 60. Sunset walks around the larger acreage are very nice for farm-plan dreaming.

Atelier is 5 acres in a broader 60. Sunset walks around the larger acreage are very nice for farm-plan dreaming.

2018 Week 1, Winter CSA Pickup 3 of 13

Happy New Year, everybody,

I hope you are warm, full, and thriving ... and encouraged by a new year. And if not, then all our fingers crossed and arms out and ears open in offering.

We passed the solstice into winter with some very workable weather, and so we managed to mulch all of the orchard trees, which means that the farm looks great right now: all of the blackberries, saskatoon, rose hips, and tree rings are weeded, covered, and ready for spring. Once the coldest weather passes, come late February, I will prune the 20 different kinds of fruit trees, shrubs, and berries we currently have. That is also when the raspberries get their mowing/pruning and weeding. They looked really good last year -- their first months after planting -- and so I am hopeful for them this summer. The same goes for the strawberries, in fact, which are cozy under their cover as you read.

In four more weeks, I scoot the sweet potato bins around and make room on the greenhouse heat mats for fresh seedings of onions, scallions, shallots, broccoli, kale, cabbage, and some hardy annual flowers. Just a few weeks after that, while we're still in winter, the summer tomato seeds come out. Which is to say, to every bin of vegetables at pick-up, there are many months of growing back-story. And, while I suppose the vegetables to you are a full and satisfying meal, for me those months from winter seed to summer dinner come out more like a full and satisfying life. Thank you all for letting me have that.

The Winter CSA continues, $100 for the month of January. If you could come with your check/cash, that would be great. (Or, sign-up online via credit card + its associated fee.) We will again have two Wednesday pick-ups, this January 3rd and the 17th, 3-6pm. Let me know if you will be early or late, and I will adjust. The last Wednesday -- the 31st -- will count as 'February.'

We have some very cold weather forecast for tonight -- with probably 5F on the farm. We will see how the uncovered collards and tatsoi make it through. I am confident with 10F, but am curious about 5F.

Summer CSA 2018: Unless otherwise requested, the CSA will be Wednesdays, 3-6pm. Let me know your preferred days and times with this super easy calendar thing. :)

See you on the farm,

PS: My sister Courtney drew a really lovely 2018 Lunar Calendar for her Root & Star children's magazine. It's useful for me on the farm, and maybe for you, too.


Expected Harvest

Spicy Mix

Dry Beans
   - Carolina Crowder
   - Kenearly Yellow Eye
   - Kebarika
   - Midnight Black Turtle
   - Quincy Pinto
Popcorn - Cherokee Long
Winter Squash
  - Long Island Cheese
  - Nantucket Long Pie
  - Butternut
  - Seminole

Sweet Potato
Radish, Winter
Turnip, Winter

Medicinal Roots
Burdock / Gobo

Culinary Herbs
Hot Pepper

Tea Herbs
Anise Hyssop
Basil, Italian
Chocolate Mint
Lemon Balm
Sunset Hyssop
Thai Sweet Basil / Horapa
Tulsi / Holy Basil

Fruit trees weeded and mulched, raspberries waiting.

Fruit trees weeded and mulched, raspberries waiting.