Ruby Queen

The hot peppers are coming. These are 'Red Rocket,' which are great for drying, and so will also be in the share this winter. The 'Thai Long' are just coming on with the 'Chinese Five Color' (that you see as the potted ornamental just outside the farmstand), followed by a red ('Hot Paper Lantern') and orange ('Helios') Habanero type, then a 'Lemon Drop' yellow, and some 'Thai Short.' I know not everyone likes hot peppers. But I do! :)

2017 Week 31, Summer CSA Week 9 of 26

I hope you all are doing well. I managed to clean all of B rotation and install the zone two-row cover crop for next year, which is a big, exciting accomplishment: red clover down the middle, with berseem clover and spring barley broadcast throughout. The latter two crops will winterkill (die with the cold), having fixed nitrogen, absorbed excess nutrients, and held the soil for the winter; the red clover will overwinter, work on our soil compaction, provide ground cover and nitrogen fixation, and delineate two bare strips for planting next year. I rushed to get it in just as the lightning came with this last storm, which means this 1.6" was perfectly timed.

The short of all this work, especially after a first year of turning weedy, clay pasture into farm, is better, bigger crops from better soil.

I continue to tweak and overhaul all the crop plans for next year while they are fresh in my mind. Any thoughts you have -- aside from spinach in summer :) -- about duration, quantity, variety, etc. of crops, are much appreciated.

See you on the farm,

Expected Harvest


Bean, Snap*
Beans, Edamame/Soy
Corn, Sweet
Pepper, Sweet
Squash, Summer
Tomatoes, Large & Small

Onion, Fresh
Potato, Fresh

Husk Cherries

Basil, Italian
Basil, Holy / Tulsi
Garlic, Scapes


*New This Week

l-r update: Anise Hyssop, Turmeric, Lemongrass, and Italian Basil sizing-up, with a bit of morning dew.

'Ruby Queen' Sweet Corn. I put a few trial plants into this last generation. If you went home with it, let me know your thoughts. Mine: Its counterpart this week, 'Luscious,' had larger, juicier kernels, and so was easier to eat and, I suppose, better. But 'Ruby Queen,' without that comparison, tasted just fine. I imagine the fullness of the red would come in with more time growing, but as a sweet corn we don't want that.

Spiralized. I have mentioned it here, and in person, so I might as well have a photo for the curious -- a spiralizer, especially for squash. A super awesome find this year for me. Here's a nice recipe: spiralize the squash, cook down just a little bit, and either drain the excess water, or remember to keep it separate from your sauce -- otherwise it's too watery. Saute garlic, onions, and hot pepper in olive oil. Add cherry tomatoes whole -- because, oh baby, when they're warm and pop in your mouth, they're so awesome -- with a few sliced tomatoes to sauce it up a bit. Salt and pepper all through to taste. Then mix with your noodles. For a little more caloric kick, 50/50 your spiralized squash with a grain noodle. Hip hip.