Summer leeks come in for their bath.

2017 Week 29, Summer CSA Week 7 of 26

It is an exciting time on the farm this month, pulling the onions, potatoes, and carrots out of one field, mowing it all down, and seeding a diverse cover crop polyculture for next year's zone two-row rotation -- spring barley, berseem clover, red clover, and tillage radish. We get a big harvest, a clean field, and a good feeling that we're pushing our clay dirt, bit by bit, toward the respectability of soil -- though I should note a slight exaggeration here on the 'dirt' end, lest I temp the gods to hex.

We got rain! and unexpectedly. It was storming left and right, but the forecast figured it would miss us, so I kept weeding asparagus. I made it to a good stopping point just as the sense of self-preservation scooted me back to shelter -- lightning strikes and all -- and felt the first kiss of rain as I stepped on the office porch, then turned to see it had already become a torrent. We could use some more rain, but this was definitely good for us -- everything out there, from the sweet potatoes to the corn to the carrots, are really just bags of water, and so empty bags without this rain. So yay!

See you on the farm,

Expected Harvest


Beans, Edamame/Soy
Beans, Snap
Corn, Sweet
Squash, Summer

Onion, Fresh
Potato, Fresh
Radish, Salad
Turnip, Salad

Basil, Italian
Basil, Holy/Tulsi/Grapao
Garlic, Scapes
Mint, Chocolate*


*New This Week

Left background to right foreground: The raspberries are in year 0, but feel free to harvest what is there; the dry beans start to dry down; the soybean & millet cover crop in field 5 / rotation E comes in.

I have always been a fan of rainy days, even if they only last for a few minutes.