We begin

More flowers come in, and oh so beautifully.

2017 Week 23, Summer CSA 1 of 26

First-time notes: It's the first week of the Summer CSA! Hip hip. Come to the farm Wednesday, 3-6pm -- 3194 Preddy Creek Rd, Charlottesville. Keep left toward the top of the driveway. Until said driveway gets put into gravel, if it is too wet to pass, I will set-up with the market tent down below. And don't forget some bags for your produce. Please feel free to walk around the farm, but do keep to the grass paths and not the vegetable beds. If you can't make it Wednesday, the remainder of the harvest will be at the Saturday Market in Hollymead, 8:30am-1:00pm.

Farm news: It's still spring, but the summer crops are almost here. The late frost pushed the beans and squash back a few weeks, but the tomatoes look to be on-time. We don't have years of cover crops building soil fertility, and I can see this in the growth of the corn, especially, but it makes me excited for the future. In fact, I get kind of excited about every little thing that goes 'wrong,' because what is more fun than finding solutions? I just put our last field of the year into cover crops -- foxtail millet and soybean -- which grow as an in-situ no-till mulch for the broccoli-family crops in the fall. The rain should start those well. And, how about that rain? I've attached a chart. Off to plant sweet potatoes, see you soon.

Expected Harvest

Chard x 2
Kale x 3
Lettuce, Head

Beans, Fava
Radish, Salad
Peas, Snap
Peas, Snow

Culinary Herbs
Basil, Holy (Grapao)
Garlic, Scapes


Here is the 30-day running sum of the last 17 years of rain, in inches. Average in thick black; this year in thick red. The rainiest May in 17 years, it seems. It got close to crazy, but the forecast is on our side at this point.

The 35 other tomato varieties aren't quite ready, but these cherries are starting to come on.

It's always nice to enjoy the potato greenery before colorado potato beetles spoil the party. :)