Edamame thinks about thinking about forming beans.

2017 Week 26, Summer CSA Week 4 of 26

If the solstice were not signal enough, sweet corn, beans, and the first tomatoes are a pretty good sign that it's summer. That and the sudden inclination to actually do the office work when it's warmest out, as I had planned it. :)

I know what healthy looks like, and this young farm is still on its way, but that said, I am so happy -- and I feel so lucky, as after effort we still wait for luck -- about the way the crops are so far going. Fingers crossed, and not to jinx, of course, but walking through the fields last evening, I couldn't help but smile. Although crops, in general, want to grow, I am not the only farmer to make acquaintance with stupefaction when they don't.

It was a fun week in the kitchen, especially with my new spiralizer, which makes a noodle of any squash. Super cheap, but super cool. Soon we will have the tomatoes for the noodles' own fresh sauce -- blend, then warm to taste, tomatoes, onions, basil, garlic, hot pepper, and salt.

See you on the farm,

Expected Harvest

Lettuce, Head

Beans, Fava
Beans, Snap*
Corn, Sweet*
Squash, Summer

Onion, Fresh
Radish, Salad
Turnip, Salad

Anise Hyssop*
Basil, Italian
Basil, Sweet Thai
Garlic, Scapes


*New This Week

Mini-sweet corn that I harvested on the first day of summer, but technically could have grabbed in spring. And fava / broad beans popped down. Next time I will try blending the fava with garlic into a spread. About one-fifth of the corn had corn earworm, which I will approach next year with some mailed-in beneficial insects.

Field 4 starts to fill-in: the third planting of tomatoes, second melons, second potatoes, and first okra.

Lemongrass (left) starts to show itself. Turmeric (center), with its leafy habit, always looks better than ginger in the early going. Anise Hyssop (right) will be new this week for tea -- AKA Licorice Mint.