Popcorn whorls.

2017 Week 25, Summer CSA 3 of 26

Hi all. It may just be this time of year on the farm, but these weeks are coming fast and furious. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was writing last week's note to you.

At this point in the year we have nearly all of our summer crops in the ground, and are about to begin harvesting in earnest. I am moving the perennial flowers and herbs out of the orchard, where I just put them this spring, into the overhead irrigation rows. A change of plans, but this should should give us room for 60+ hazelnut trees in the future orchard. Hip hip. I was just broadforking the carrots -- essentially, digging down 10 inches and fracturing the plow-pan with a fork 2-feet wide -- but this rain means I shall move on to another cleaning-run through the raspberries, rhubarb, and asparagus. ... If a 20-hour task can be called a 'run.' The wet soil makes it particularly easy to pull the perennial weeds that a new farm in old pasture is wont to have.

And how about this morning's wind. It was already up to 11 mph by 5 am, and hung on for quite some time, pushing the trees about. During the morning's harvest, it felt a bit like a mountaintop farm ... and that is not a bad thing at all.

See you on the farm,

Expected Harvest

Lettuce, Head

Beans, Fava
Squash, Summer

Onion, Fresh*
Radish, Salad
Turnip, Salad

Basil, Italian
Basil, Holy (Tulsi, Horapa)
Garlic, Scapes


*New This Week


Snap bean seeds pop up. Note the bean transformed.

I had to run back for my camera, and so lost what I first saw. But this glimpse is good enough. What do they call the carving at the bowsprit? A figurehead.