The Year Ahead: 2017

This is Atelier's first year, and we are so excited to see how she does: her loamy soil, her beautiful contours, her hill-top of good wind. We are also, and of course, so glad to make our way into this new season with you. We do not grow our food for market; we grow our food for you.

Imagine a wall, imagine a door, imagine that you are blind. Learning to farm in a new place is akin to learning where the doors are. In fact, the same could simply be said of farming. No farm is the same, sometimes even year to year, and so please allow us a moment to react in our learning the local fact and interaction of pests, weather, climate, soil, variety, and new farm systems. We have learned much in our years farming PA to MD to NH to MI to VA, especially that every new farm is, well, new and different.

Lastly, and most importantly, Thank you! You are the reason this is happening, and we are so glad that it is. As such, we are so deeply thankful. Thank you.