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Farm Bucks

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In addition to our CSA program, we have Farm Bucks, an alternative way to purchase vegetables at a discount while still supporting the farm. They’re worth more than the dollars you spend on them, and are a great option if your schedule or interest doesn’t suit the breadth and depth of the CSA.

Use your Farm Bucks at the Farmstand, Thurdsays, 3-7pm, June through November.

  • Farm Bucks come in $100 chunks.

  • Farm Bucks expire one year after purchase or the start of a new season, whichever comes later (better for you), with discretionary extensions.

  • No change made with Farm Bucks purchases.

  • Online transaction fees (5%) negate some of the deal, so cash is likely your best bet early on … but online payment is still available.

Spend $95 for your first $100 chunk of Farm Bucks. Every future purchase is $5 less than the prior one, up to $1000 in Farm Bucks, resetting every season. Start with 5% off and work your way up to more than 25% off your total.

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