Atelier Farmstand

Open Thursdays, 3-7pm
June through November

Save up to 25% at the Farmstand with Farm Bucks (See below)

After the CSA runs through on Wednesday, all the excess produce will be out for our farmstand on Thursday. Come on by! Leave your payment in the tin as Cash or Farm Bucks, or pay online via your smartphone at .

We’re at:
3194 Preddy Creek Rd
Charlottesivlle, VA 22911

Left at the top of the Driveway,
Farmstand in the Greenhouse

Note: We rent our land from private owners, so please stick to the day and time to respect their privacy. Thank you so much!

Farm Bucks

In addition to our CSA program, we have Farm Bucks, an alternative way to purchase vegetables at a discount while still supporting the farm. They’re worth more than the dollars you spend on them, and are a great option if your schedule or interest doesn’t suit the breadth and depth of the CSA.

  • They come in $100 chunks.

  • The first is priced at $95 for $100 of veggies. Each additional purchase is $5 less than the prior one, up to $1000 in Farm Bucks, resetting every season or at that point. Start with 5% off and work your way up to more than 25% off your total.

  • Farm Bucks expire one year after purchase or the start of a new season, whichever comes later (better for you), with discretionary extensions.

  • No change made for Farm Bucks purchases.

  • Online transaction fees (5%) negate some of the deal, so cash is likely your best bet early on … but online payment is still available.


After the CSA goes through on Wednesday, the excess remainder goes out to the farmstand. This is the logic that organizes that excess:

  • Summer produce -- squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, etc. -- are variously capable of preservation, but are generally the thing most likely to be at the farmstand.

  • Greens are hard to preserve, and so all excess will go to the farmstand.

  • Flowers don't preserve, and so go to the farmstand.

  • Roots -- like carrots, beets, and potatoes -- get a bulk harvest in the spring or summer, which makes it easier to determine whether or not they make it into the farmstand, or at what quantity. Because they keep so well, it's nice to have them around for the CSA to balance any other failures.

  • Herbs -- cilantro, basil, mints, etc. -- are easy to dry, but any that keep well at 38F will also be available at the farmstand. Prior dried herbs and tea herbs will also be present.

  • Berries -- strawberries, blackberries, etc. -- can be frozen, but I only have so much freezer space at the moment, and so some of them may also make it to the farmstand.

  • Staples -- like dry beans and grits / polenta corn -- are just for the CSA. Popcorn may go out to the farmstand.

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