The Details



  • Season: June through November (6 months)
  • Pricing: $34/wk pre-tax, pre-credit
    • Cash: $400 downpayment, $125/month for the first 4 months = $900 total
    • Credit: $425 downpayment, $135/month for the first 4 months = $965 total
  • Deadline: November 30.
  • Pick-ups:  On the farm, every week. Wed., 3-6pm. In the hoop house.
  • Constituents: Vegetables, fruit, culinary & medicinal herbs, and flowers in season.
  • Bags: Please remember to bring your own, as well as extras to leave for those who forgot.
  • No Shows:  Every week we give you more than you paid for, so that when you miss a pick-up, over the long-term, you don't lose out. That said, feel free to stop by our stall at the Saturday Hollymead Farmers' Market (8:30am-1pm, May through September) to pick-up your share from what is available there.
  • Availability: 30 shares.


  • Season: December through May (6 months)
  • Pricing: $110/4 wk period. This first year, we go until we're out.
  • Deadline: August 31.
  • Pick-ups:  On the farm, every other week. Wed., 3-6pm
  • Constituents: Vegetables, fruit, and culinary & medicinal herbs.
  • Bags: Please remember to bring your own, as well as extras to leave for those who forgot.
  • No Shows: If you can't make it to pick-up, feel free to take extra storage crops the next time. Extra greens and fresh herbs will be determined in context.
  • Availability: 15 shares.

We Are not for everyone

A CSA is not for everyone -- which may be well known -- but any particular CSA, including ours, may also not be for everyone, even those who think a CSA is for them. We grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers for their daily use as a matter of course. We will help you to incorporate them into your life, if their use is not yet a matter of diet, but we state up front the role that we see them play.

Payment, Pricing, Tabs, & Refunds

Future Pricing

Atelier farm grows vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers, which together compose a share. Because most fruit -- raspberries, elderberry, apples, etc. -- and some herbs -- echinacea root, etc. -- take years before harvest maturity, the full complement of the farm will come online over time. The price of a share will reflect this. In short, the cost of a share will rise from year to year until it stabilizes at approximately $40 per week.

Your Tab

You already paid early, why not get to pay late? Also, dealing with money is a hassle. Thus, the tab. Either as a matter of course, or when we have excess or trial crops, the farm will have produce available for sale that you may purchase beyond your CSA share. Just put it on your tab and we will settle at the end of the season.


Because we buy, plant, weed, irrigate, nurture, and harvest a seed just for you, and this process begins months before a CSA season begins, backing-out of your commitment leaves us in a tight spot. We cannot guarantee a refund – whole or partial – but if we have someone to take your share, then, yes, absolutely, you get your money back. That's what you want. That's what we want.

Notify us that you would like to sell your share -- as in the stock market -- and we will notify you when we have someone to buy it.



Please note that your payment is for the production of the farm -- that is, a share of the farm -- not for a particular quantity of vegetables. We will do our absolute best, in all facets of farming, to provide more than the market value in vegetables for what you have given us in dollars, but what you are paying for is a "share" of the harvest.

Splitting Shares

We only sell full shares, but if a share is too large for you or your family, please feel free to split one with friends and neighbors as you like. All that we ask is that you handle the mechanics of this behind the scenes, and that only one vehicle arrive per pick-up -- per county restrictions.


Wait List: We will keep a wait-list by season.

Availability Flow: We will open a "season" for sale, in this order, to the following:

  1. Members of that season, the year prior -- i.e., all prior summer members get first dibs at summer, beginning the year prior.
  2. Wait-list for that season -- i.e., all wait-listers for summer get second dibs at summer.
  3. The public.

Open to the public:

  • Winter: September 1st.
  • Summer: December 1st


U-Pick: Please feel free to harvest your own herbs and flowers from the farm as you desire, up to a week's standard quantity, being careful to stay on the paths and not step in the growing beds -- i.e., mind yours peas and cukes. At times we will also have vegetables or fruits free for harvest as the details of their production make that so.

Contact: There are many of you and but one or two of us, so please recognize that while you are welcome to email us with notes and questions, we will likely not reply to them. We make ourselves available for three hours every week during pick-up -- in the flesh -- so please feel welcome to chat, ask questions, make suggestions, and the like at that time. 

Travel Speed: To respect your fellow members, and our neighbors, we ask that you please drive slowly and carefully both on the farm and while nearing it. Thank you so much!

Private Property: Atelier Farm leases its land from a private landowner, and the land, as such, is private property. Please do not come to the farm except during the pick-up hours, or during a prearranged meeting time.