Eat Like a Farmer

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), beneath its mechanics, is a relationship between a farm -- its land, its farmers, its food -- and all the folks who eat from that farm. It is only incidentally an alternative buying scheme, but principally a reinvestment of sense and meaning to land and the food it gives us. It is about making this farm, your farm: your drought, your rain dance, your rain. Your abundance. In each tomato resides an entire summer, and if we do it well, you know this too.

CSA members make a commitment to support the farm in summer while the snow still falls in winter, then receive a weekly share of the harvest all season long. Your commitment is very literally our seed money. But one doesn’t just buy, one buys into: the CSA, the farmers, the farm, and the land that founds them all. What comes from these seeds, then, is not just food, but a food weighty with meaning. As a member, you get freshness, tastiness, transparency, a fair price, and a farm to call your own.

What Makes Us ... Us

There is no cookie cutter mold for a CSA; each is unique. Here's what makes us ... us:

  • Free Choice Veggies: We love eating like a farmer, and we want to share the love. Ours is a free choice, market style CSA, meaning that you choose from the week's vegetables, just as you would at market, but this time in pounds per week.
  • Box Share too: We're so free choice, you can even choose not to choose. We offer a pre-packaged box of the week's harvest.
  • Diversity: We grow vegetables, fruits, culinary & medicinal herbs, and flowers numbering hundreds of varieties -- enough to have a different one each day of the year.
  • Year-Round: We grow food 365¼ days a year, and your CSA can last just as long.
  • Value: The very literal seed money that you provide by way of early investment in our farm, we pay back with interest, vegetatively -- at approximately 7.5%. That's better than the historical stock market. How's that for a value in line with our values?
  • Pay on the Way: What matters most to the smooth operation of a CSA is early commitment, not necessarily early money. We offer the option for you to give us checks in winter that we won't cash until summer.
  • A Tab: Want more? Put it on your tab; we'll settle at the end of the season. You already paid early, why not get to pay late?
  • Bicycle Bonus: Come to the farm by bike, boot, or burro, and leave with a little extra for the way back.
  • Free U-Pick & Gleaning: Feel free -- because it is free -- to wander the farm and harvest a bit from the herb garden, or glean any of our "no longer labor efficient" crops, like sweet corn and beans.
  • Small Scale Biological Innovation: We are an intensively managed farm committed to measuring things -- including our lives -- by the human scale. We believe in agricultural innovation, ecosystem regeneration, the livelihood of farming, and the possible goodness of our work.

Free Choice Share (30 Available for the season) ($35/week)

We will set-up our farm just like a market, where you can browse for what you like, with guidelines per crop group -- vegetable, fruit, herb, or flower. Expect to leave with 7.5% more than you paid for, as averaged over the season.

Vegetables: Look for approximately 6 pounds of vegetables per week, plus an additional pound of greens in winter. Spring may be light and summer may be heavy, but expect to average out on top despite the ups and downs.

Culinary Herbs: Our full and developing line of perennial and annual herbs for the kitchen. If there's something we're not growing that you want, let us know!

The Weekly Tea: Our most excellent medicinal and culinary teas, available every day of the year. We have all kinds -- from Mint to Nettles to Milky Oats, and more. Fresh herbs in summer, dried herbs in winter.

"We Pick, You Choose" Flowers: Available in season, June to Mid-October. Enjoy our "we pick, you choose" flowers, and make your own bouquet.

Fruit: Fresh when in season, cold storage when out. Most of our fruits are years away from bearing -- viz., the slow growing rhubarb, blackberries, and orchard fruit -- but in the meantime we have husk cherries, melons, watermelons, raspberries, and strawberries. Please do have a traipse around the farm to see their development, as they are a large part of the future of the farm.